Boomerang allows Gmail users to postpone sending messages, something that’s sorely missing from the default user interface. It’s especially useful if you do business with people in other time zones (or continents), so that you don’t accidentally send that invoice request at 3 a.m. The service also includes reminders, which are handy if you’re waiting on a response, and applications for Android and iOS that let you use Boomerang when you’re away from your computer.
This one is for people who spend most of their time watching videos on YouTube cannot escape its vortex. I am one of those people and the Magic Actions extension for YouTube has been a great partner in crime for me. The extension brings a ton of features like Auto HD (always play videos in HD), instant control over volume by scrolling mouse wheel, Cinema Mode, 1-click snapshot, day/night toggle switch, managing watch history, and more. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you should definitely give this one a try.
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If you do any work in web design, marketing, or content, then SimilarWeb can be a particularly valuable tool. This add-on allows you to look at traffic numbers, sources, activity over time and other valuable analytical data that will help you make important web decisions. It’s not as in-depth as going into Google Analytics, but it’s very fast and ideal for quick comparisons.
The conventional thing about this browser is its extension that makes this browser surprisingly cool. There are lots of extensions that are developed by the developers for this browser for the better browsing experience to the user. So in this post, I will assure you the best Chrome extensions that you must install in your browser that will make your work absolutely easy on this browser.
Since the untimely demise of Google Reader, Feedly has taken over as the de facto standard for RSS readers on the web. It’s quite possible to use the service in your browser without trouble, but for quick access and an isolated window, the official extension is very handy. It also adds a Feedly Mini icon to the bottom-right corner of sites with compatible RSS feeds. If this bothers you, it can be disabled across the web, or only on specific sites.
Chrome also has a thriving extension ecosystem and there’s probably also a Chrome extension for most everything you’d want to do. Chrome places more limits on its browser extensions so they can’t be quite as powerful as they are in Firefox, but these limits allow Chrome to present a permissions system and restrict extensions a bit more for security.

The best way to know if you are visiting a secure website or not is to look for the HTTPS in your browser’s URL window. However, there are sometimes when you need to visit a website which is not secured using the HTTPS protocol. In such cases, HTTPS Everywhere extension can come to your rescue. The extension has been created by EFF and the Tor Project and automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure “HTTP” to secure “HTTPS”. Thus, it protects your privacy and removes any concern relating to surveillance, account hijacking, and any other such privacy concerning activity.