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Content Management Timeliness is both the greatest benefit and greatest challenge to any website. Information can be published instantaneously and updated just-in-time, but that seldom happens. Why?

Because Web sites are generally not managed by the people who own the information, or content. Angelanet Consulting has created a way for the content owner to stay in control of distributing critical information via the Web site - through use of custom CMS (Content Management System).

Content is the information—copy, images, and documents—that make up your company message. For any company, content can come from the marketing, finance, executive, human resources, and other departments, which traditionally channel all of their Web site requests through one source: IT.

Custom Angelanet Consulting CMS programming enables administrators to log in to a single system and update the information that they own while maintaining the look and feel of the Web site. This means administrator can post job openings, marketing can update news information, and post changes to the Web site—all exactly when they need to. The corporate Web site stays cohesive and compliant with branding standards and the IT department is free to work on other corporate projects.

The Angelanet Consulting CMS offers many more features than most traditional content management systems. Angelanet Consulting also stays on top of changes in the industry. So no matter what your question, we are always here to help.

All CMS programming come with technical training. Angelanet Consulting will come to your place of business and train your users on how to utilize the Angelanet Consulting CMS to empower you take control of your website.

Easy to Use
The Angelanet Consulting CMS is easy to use thanks to the WYSIWYG (wiz·e·wig: What You See Is What You Get) editor. Anyone familiar with word processors or Windows software can easily use the editor to create or update Web pages.

The Angelanet Consulting CMS requires user names and passwords to edit the site. That means only administrators with the proper permission can update the Web site. Specific areas of the site can be set with different permissions. For example, the HR department only has access to update job postings but not necessarily to edit the homepage. The site administrator has access to any part of the site.

The Angelanet Consulting CMS works with sites designed by Angelanet Consulting, existing Web sites, or sites designed by other marketing or creative firms. This flexibility helps maintain established branding and provides endless options in creating and maintaining the look and feel of a Web site.

Cost Effective
Because each content owner is now responsible for maintaining a section of the Web site, companies no longer need to employ a full-time Webmaster or a third-party vendor to update the site content. For more information on custom Angelanet Consulting CMS programming, please check our our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our website, or contact us for a free technical evaluation and quote.
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