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Online purchasing continues to grow. By 2009, sales via the Internet are expected to grow to surpass the $155.6 billion dollar mark. With a market this size waiting to be tapped, retailers can't afford not to participate. Angelanet Consulting makes it easy for small to larger businesses conduct transactions online through the Angelanet Consulting E-Commerce package.

Selling Online with E-Commerce Electronic commerce has revolutionized the way consumers shop. Why go the the mall when you can get everything you need from the privacy of your computer? Customers increasingly expect to purchase the same merchandise online that they can get in the store. Now, any business, regardless of size, can offer this level of customer service through the Angelanet Consulting E-Commerce Package.

The Angelanet Consulting E-Commerce Package is a complete solution. It integrates seamlessly to offer inventory maintenance, multiple payment options, and custom designs to fit your business' branding.

"You cannot afford not to sell online. If companies don't do it, their competitors will throw them out of the market. And that goes for businesses of any size."

Customized to your Settings Angelanet Consulting has taken into account every detail needed to maintain an e-commerce Website. Users will have their shopping cart tailored to their Web site's look and feel. Users will also have complete control for managing payment options, shipping methods, order notifications, wish lists, gift certificates and more.
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