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Angelanet Software Development Life Cycle 

Angelanet Consulting uses software development lifecycle methodology for building business-oriented, database-centric applications as a collection of robust and reusable services. Angelanet Consulting lets you develop applications faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methodologies because, in most cases, you just assemble business components and do not write code.

Angelanet Consulting recognizes that reusing existing assets, to create new composite applications, dramatically lowers both the cost and complexity of delivering new business systems. Customers have discovered that the lifecycle methodology is better than conventional development methodologies because: their applications are easier to change they are not tied to a particular infrastructure configuration they get a tailored system in less time that it takes to implement a package their existing investments in code, data and skills is reused, thereby saving money and reducing technical risk their applications easily connect and share data with other systems via standard interfaces like XML Regardless of whether you are looking to develop new solutions, modernize your legacy applications or integrate and extend business systems.

It would seem obvious that the "best" development tools are those that significantly reduce the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) time as well as the cost of ongoing application maintenance, modernization and extension.
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